A Dirty Dawg Came to Live with Us

The Dirty Dawg

The Dirty Dawg

We did not think we were dog people, but guess what? We are. Well at least 4/5 of us are.

This delightful little dog was ‘rescued’ from a mall pet store and her name should be ‘Cheesecake Factory House Chardonnay’ (You know how the AKC likes to give big fancy names to dogs that no one understands???).

Instead, this Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier’s name is Mamie, which my mother tried to strong-arm me into naming either of my girls back in the day. It was during her deep admiration of Meryl Streep phase…anywhoosy, here she is. All 24lbs of her. She is happy, good-natured and proving to be a great companion. Draw backs: Needs to be fed 2x a day, doesn’t clean up after herself, and is a taaad bit stubborn. In other words, she fits in just fine around here.

And if you hear someone refer to her as Pigpen, please ignore that person. It’s not her name.


About ktheidtke

A single mother of 4, narrating the everyday.
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