A Night with Tom Petty (and one of the Houligans)

Tom Petty @ The Fonda 6/3

Tom Petty @ The Fonda 6/3

This evening was a partial dream come true, in that I was able to see Tom Petty, but only with one of the houligans.

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers is my all time favorite band, just edging out Springsteen. TP has long been at the top of my list to see and I really wanted to see him with my fam, as he has provided part of the soundtrack to our lives (along with Fleetwood Mac, Springsteen and, don’t judge me, John Mayer); however, has anyone lately attempted to purchase music tickets online? For the love of God, what is going on??? It’s like trying to win the Powerball:

1. Tickets were expensive.
2. Tickets were limited to 2 per household
3. Tickets sold out in .03 seconds

So, in the end, just my older daughter and I went. He played the Fonda Theater in LA., a small venue holding around 1,200 people. Nice and intimate. It was also a ‘deep tracks’ concert, where he played more obscure songs from his many albums and not as many ‘greatest hits.’ Songs like ‘Billy the Kid,’ ‘Angel Dream,’ and many covers, like the Traveling Willbury’s ‘Tweeter and the Monkey Man.’
It was worth the price of admission, though, to hear him play ‘American Girl,’ as his finale. Such a fab anthem!

As for the other kids, hopefully Petty Fest will return to the L.A. area this Fall and we will all be able to attend. It’s a great benefit concert with ‘the Cabin Down Below Band’ tapping local area talent to play TP classics, such as Justin Bartha, Johnny Depp, and Sarah Silverman. Over 30 songs played in just under 3 hours,  all for $15 a head!

Nosebleed View of Tom Petty

Nosebleed View of Tom Petty Stage


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