Our Final Super Guard


Chance participated in his 4th year of San Clemente State Junior Guards. A fantastic program designed to teach kids, 8-14 years of age, water safety, water sports, and fitness. They participate in challenging workouts every day so that in the last week of the 4 week program they compete in an Iron Man: 3.5 mi. run, 1000m swim, and 500m paddle. This is a timed event and they are all extremely competitive and want to do well.

Home stretch. So happy to be finished!

Home stretch. So happy to be finished!

He completed the Iron Man in 1:07 shaving 13 minutes off his time from last year. He was so proud.



The top award offered in the State Junior Guard program is ‘Superguard.’ To be eligible they must participate in all workouts, including and extra ‘challenge’ work out, be in good standing with the Instructors and pass all tests, including CPR.

If they achieve Superguard, they receive a special shirt designed by one of their creative Instructors. Shirts are different every year and worn with pride upon receiving it! His older siblings, who’ve participated in the program still have theirs!

He Did It!

He Did It!

We are so proud of him!


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