The Killers were…Killer


Don’t you love a pic of other people’s concerts where you can’t see the performers and you’re like WTH, who cares? Anyways, here’s one of those pics!

Brandon Flowers and The Killers played at the Honda Center in Anaheim 5/1/13 and were awesome. I have seen this band multiple times going back to the tiny Long Beach Auditorium in ’06.  As their set list has grown, so has their stage presence. When The Killers started, they could barely fill an hour on stage. Now they play for 2 hours and still haven’t played all their music!

BF is a Polly Pocket and has boundless amounts of energy. He, along with his bandmates, are such a great talents. They are dark and dancy, ‘Spaceman,’ on one track, and the next, anthemic and rock band ‘All These Things that I Have Done.’

Whatever track they played they certainly got 3 “older” OC ladies on their feet dancing and singing off key, as well as our 22 year old chaperone!

The Girls at The Killers

The Girls at The Killers

This concert celebrated the release of their fourth album, Battleborn, which I love. They played great songs from all their albums kicking off the concert with ‘Mr. Brightside’ and playing a fun cover of ‘I Think We’re Alone Now,’ by Tommy James and the Shondells (did everyone but me know Tiffany didn’t write that song???). They closed out with one of my all time faves ‘When We Were Young,’ capping off a great night.

Mother/Daughter Bonding

‘Smile Like You Mean It’

Can’t wait to do it again!


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