Santa Rosa Farmer’s Market Sampling


Bella Rosa Coffee

First stop at any farmer’s market? Coffee! The gentlemen at the  Bella Rosa coffee booth gave a nice overview of what they were selling and serving. We opted for the mildest offering and waited for the pour-over method to be complete. The coffee was absolutely smooth without a hint of bitterness. The best coffee I’d had in some time, brick-and-mortar establish or hand-crafted!

To go along with the scrumptious coffee: a pepper jack monterey cheese, potato and egg burrito with homemade salsa. A little bland, but yummy none-the-less.


As there were parties to prepare for this weekend, flowers and produce were needed:


Beautiful golden, purple and red beets


Stunning Stargazers and Hydrangeas

Arugula, Basil, and Italian parsley being prepped for the pastaIMG_0740

Gravenstein apples, my absolute favorite that are ridiculously difficulty to find outside Sonoma County, that will go into a birthday apple crisp.


Gravenstein’s ready for the chopping board

So Cal has so many wonderful things to offer; however, our local farmer’s market doesn’t hold a candle to this one in SR. As the Earth to Table movement gathers momentum, I hope we catch up!


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