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‘Make Yourself a D*mn Quesadilla, Napoleon’ or Left Overs…

The Houligans perpetually labor under an assumption that I am trying to poison them. They read labels searching for ‘good by’ dates, recalling the day I last cooked something, and then there is the ‘smell test.’ Always the ‘smell test.’ … Continue reading

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Nothing Better than a Car You Bought Yourself

Girlie 2 spent 2 arduous months nannying in Ireland for 2 darling young boys this summer. She slaved away in Belfast, London, and Firenze, soaking up the good life while chaperoning her young charges. There are worse gigs. Her ultimate … Continue reading

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Dirty Dawg and Poppi Share a Glass of Wine

Poppi has come for a visit. Jim lives in Nor Cal and he’s here for an extended stay. He isn’t a dog person. I come from a long line of cat people. Tempermental cats, at best. Their latest is Higgins. … Continue reading

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Baked Egg w/ Prosciutto

Baked eggs are a harried mother’s answer to breakfast on a school morning. With little assembly they can be baking while you are screaming gently waking your children from slumber. As they are baked individually you can make as many … Continue reading

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Cinnamon Bread

  I decided to ‘carb load’ this morning in honor of some impending oral surgery. Blech. Apparently there is going to be a restricted diet, so this bread was a splurge. I used the left over cinnamon roll dough amended … Continue reading

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Houligan Breakfast (Poached Egg and Pan Seared Tomato on Toast)

I looooathe store bought tomatoes. Like really, really hate them in all their pithiness, sour taste, and overbearing acidic flavor. But, homegrown, vine-ripened tomatoes=bliss, culinary nirvana, heaven. Anywhoosy, because I lacked the foresight to plant my own tomatoes, I’ve been … Continue reading

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Cinnamon Rolls

    These start out like this:       Cinnamon rolls are a labor of love in my household. I’ve gotta really love you in order to endure this time consuming process. So when one of my best friends … Continue reading

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