A Mammoth Adventure

Friday morning I woke up to this: A beautiful view of the Eastern Sierra’s Mountains at Mammoth Lakes. Although there was a fire burning near Fresno, and thick smoke hung in the air, it was still so picturesque.


A view from our condo.

A little drive took us to Lake Mamie, where people fished, kayaked and boated.

A little reminder I'd left the Dirty Dawg at home

A  reminder I’d left the Dirty Dawg at home


Lake Mamie


Lake Mary

After an ‘Outward Bound’ type hike that lasted 3 minutes and traversed 40 feet, these were the falls that we stumbled upon. Love that sound of water falling over rock.



The Little Chapel


Upper Twin Lake

One evening we ‘hiked’ over a short bridge straddling the Twin Lakes and entered a little clearing, where “The Little Chapel” is. Two friends were married there, and we observed their anniversary with cocktails and hors d’ouerves. I will be returning there to have a drink at the quaint Tamarack Lodge sometime soon!


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A single mother of 4, narrating the everyday.
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