This last weekend we had a little adventure in Newport Harbor, kayaking around Lido Isle courtesy of a deal on Groupon. For $35 we got a tandem kayak, a picnic lunch (consisting of 2 lackluster sandwiches, bag of chips and waters), and 3 hours paddling on the bay.

Keeping Mama Afloat

Keeping Mama Afloat


A View of an Older Cool Estate on the Bay

It was a great excursion. Lots of great people watching with boaters cruising around on everything from paddle boards, to charming electric Duffy boats, to extravagant yachts. The weather was balmy 73 degrees, the water was calm and everyone was in a great mood, other than the crabby people waiting their turn at the kayak place (does anyone really think the $8/hr dockhands are the ones to b*tch out for lack of a company’s organization?).

A perfect outing for most activity levels for anyone able to sit still for 3 hours!


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