Cinnamon Rolls




These start out like this:




P1000257 P1000258 P1000262 P1000264



Cinnamon rolls are a labor of love in my household. I’ve gotta really love you in order to endure this time consuming process. So when one of my best friends turned 40 recently, we had brunch for him. Unfortunately, brunch followed an evening out celebrating the birthday boy, partying it up and dancing our heads off until 2a. Momma’s a little too old for those kind of shenanigans, especially with a zero dark thirty wake-up call to start the rolls.

These rolls are adapted from the Pioneer Woman’s website. Again, I substituted the White Whole Wheat flour instead of regular AP flour, and I also added a little more sugar to make the dough sweeter. It adds a nice earthiness to the flavor and they ended up looking a little more rustic.

Sometimes I add a simple frosting, but these looked so pretty the way they were, I left them alone. Also, the rolls are plenty sweet enough without the topping. They were also super helpful clearing my foggy head. A little Advil and a cinnamon roll turned my morning right around!




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