Cinnamon Bread



I decided to ‘carb load’ this morning in honor of some impending oral surgery. Blech. Apparently there is going to be a restricted diet, so this bread was a splurge.

I used the left over cinnamon roll dough amended from the Pioneer Woman, as mentioned in the Cinnamon Roll post.



I popped this in a 350 degree oven for about 35 min. It probably should have gone a little longer as it was a bit more gooey in the middle when I cut into it than I would’ve liked.
I forced myself to still eat it.



As you can see, I ‘gilded the lily’ by adding a slather of Kerry Gold Irish butter, because who knows when my next meal is going to be? And, it’s certain to be of the liquid variety. Ugh.

An Agressive Brusher


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A single mother of 4, narrating the everyday.
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