‘Make Yourself a D*mn Quesadilla, Napoleon’ or Left Overs…

The Houligans perpetually labor under an assumption that I am trying to poison them. They read labels searching for ‘good by’ dates, recalling the day I last cooked something, and then there is the ‘smell test.’ Always the ‘smell test.’ Not once have they ever had reason to question the ‘good by’ dates of ingredients I use. I strictly adhere to the ‘use by’ time frames and would never serve anything that had gone bad. However, I am continually put to the test. Like tonight. This weekend we attended a beautiful bar b que/house party. There was a bona fide chef at the party, and since most people were from out of town, we were sent home with the left overs. The dreaded left overs: Magnificent steak, chicken marinated to perfection, as well as grilled vegetables and sauteed mushrooms. This is what we were sent home with:P1000339P1000338 P1000342 P1000345

I slapped flour tortillas on the Tortilla Warmer and then grated Manchego cheese. On one quesadilla I used the steak and mushrooms, and the other I used chicken and grilled veggies. They both got Manchego. The youngest Houligan opted for just cheese, as that was the only ingredient he could verify as fresh. Good. More for me. P1000357P1000349 P1000352 P1000358

The other H’s were kinder. They are eventually getting with the program, and realizing what I serve is usually delicioso. I haven’t gone wrong yet. Well, maybe, but I’m not incriminating myself!


About ktheidtke

A single mother of 4, narrating the everyday.
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