Nothing Better than a Car You Bought Yourself

Girlie 2 spent 2 arduous months nannying in Ireland for 2 darling young boys this summer. She slaved away in Belfast, London, and Firenze, soaking up the good life while chaperoning her young charges. There are worse gigs.

Her ultimate goals was to save enough money to buy her very own car. Up ’til now she had shared a truck with her younger brother. To say that was always easy would be a gigantic lie. It was a pain in the rear for all involved, particularly when they attended 2 different schools, with different schedules, and had after school jobs in different towns. But they did it. Not always graciously, particularly when the vehicle was left on empty, there were mounds of trash in it, and/or it needed washing and/or an oil change; but they did it.

I think her brother was more excited for this new purchase than she was; although she is very, very proud, as am I. You see, I never had to save to buy my own car. Never had to pay for my own insurance, nor purchase my own gas. All these things were done for me, and frankly I can’t say I totally appreciated it at the time…

The sense of pride I have in her perseverance, and discipline to accomplish this goal is bottomless.


About ktheidtke

A single mother of 4, narrating the everyday.
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