JCrew Cami Jacket vs. Gap Cami Jacket

I am a sucker for JCrew. You could paste a JCrew tag into a potato flour sack and I would jump all over it and claim it haute couture. I know it’s wrong. I know I need to keep it in check. I know, and I just can’t. So recently I have forced myself to A.) Only buy things when they go on sale (moderately successful), and B.) Comparison shop for that same JCrew ‘look’ (increasingly successful).

Par example: Recently, I accomplished both requirements when I was able to buy a JCrew look alike jacket at the Gap. Onsale. IMO these jackets are close enough to warrant comparisons and the price difference (over $100) just tipped me over to the Gap side.

JCrew Cami Jacket

JCrew Cami Jacket

Gap Cami Jacket

Gap Cami Jacket

The JCrew jacket retails for $178, while the Gap Jacket is $54 (down from $78) with an additional 20% off right now, taking the Gap jacket down to around $45. I have already gotten tons of wear out of this item. I’ve worn it with denim shorts for a casual look, as well as punched it up over a black dress and heels. Neither jacket is too trendy for my age group and it is going to be an all-season favorite, I can tell.

P.S. It has taken a decade for me to strike the “Gap sells crap” slogan  from my head coined by SNL in the late 90s and uttered by David Spade in the Gap skits with Chris Farley and Adam Sandler. They have stepped up their game beyond my early 90s uniform of denim shirts and overalls!


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