Restoration Hardware Corsica Tile Beach/Pool Towel

prod2481283 prod2481285

Corsica Tile Beach Towel Pool$49, now $24!!!

I am obsessed with beach towels! But I try to keep my obsession under control because all my towels seem to walk off. Literally. They disappear courtesy of the Houligans and their friends, left at swim practice, or ‘borrowed’ from friends on their way down to the beach.

To combat this problem I’ve devised two storage areas for my towels. Area #1: Plain Sight, in the garage. These are where the cr*ppy towels go. The ones I can’t give away. The ones that are so ugly and threadbare they are towels in name only. Area #2: I’m not at liberty to say. But this hiding spot is where the ‘good’ towels go. I know this is obsessive and weird but I’ve lost waaay too many good towels over the years. I’ve come to realize my mother coveting two Ralph Lauren ‘Reindeer’ beach towels from the late ’80s is not as nutty as I accused her it was…

Anyways, I got distracted from the blog at hand. These RH towels are keepers. They are large, richly colored, and beautifully designed. They are also half of their original price, which I never would have paid.

Beach towels, I’ve come to find out, are also fabulous unisex gifts for kids and adults alike. I bought many Pottery Barn towels on sale at the beginning of summer and passed them out for birthday and graduation gifts. A particularly nice touch is the monogramming option available for an extra $6.

So kids, knock yourself out and take advantage of the great end of the year towels sales. You will find some beautiful items for a fraction of their original price and look tres chic at the beach or lounging by the pool. Just put a Lo-Jack on them.


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