Blueberry Muffins



About ten years ago I hit my fill of blueberry muffins, crab cakes, and Caesar salad. They were ubiquitous. Everywhere. So I took a very long break from not only eating them, but making them as well.

That all changed last week when houligan 4 wanted to bring something to a school registration event. Earlier that day I’d stumbled upon an Ina Garten recipe for blueberry muffins that looked delicious and easy. As a bonus, I had all ingredients on hand, including a 50 lb. bag of blueberries from Costco that I was eager to use.

Recipe (slightly modified from Ina Garten’s bb muffin recipe): Makes 24 muffins.

Cream together 1 c. butter and 2 c. sugar for 3 minutes.
P1000546 P1000548

Add in 3 room temp eggs, one at a time. Then add 2 t. vanilla, 1 c. sour cream, 1/4 c. room temp milk.
Meanwhile, in another bowl, sift together 2 1/2 c. flour, 2 t. b. powder, 1/2 t. b soda, 1 t. salt.
Quickly incorporate flour mixture to wet mixture, mixing until just combined. Gently fold in 2 c. blueberries that have been mixed with 2 T. flour. Adding the flour to the blueberries helps the berries remain suspended in the batter and not sink to the bottom.
P1000549 P1000551

It’s time to fill the pans…typically I don’t use muffin cups. They usually stick to the batter leaving most of the contents stuck to the paper and not in your mouth. Boo.
To help combat this I lightly spray muffin cups with non-stick spray (this is moderately successful, but does help a little).

To help maintain uniform size, use a medium sized ice cream scoop that’s been sprayed with non-stick spray to fill muffin cups. Bake for 25-30 minutes in a pre-heated 350 oven.
P1000557 P1000558

These muffins were delicious, cake-like little treats. They had a beautiful crumb and didn’t fall apart. I forced myself to eat one 3. At this rate maybe a crab cake with a side of Caesar salad could be next!
P1000562 P1000565





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