Mad for Plaid

I live in sunny So Cal, which I love, but it has its challenges when it comes to Fall and/or Winter trends in clothing. Most of what the rest of the country can enjoy and wear is simply too hot to wear here. So I am constantly looking for ways I can wear those trends in lighter versions

I love plaid. All plaid. But wool tartan Black Watch plaid is just not going to work in 80 degree ‘Fall’ weather. Ever. The temp rarely falls below 60 and we get an inch of rain per year. Not exactly a wool and plaid climate. One time, I made the mistake of crabbing to my dad about how I was ‘freezing’ down here. He told me it had been 29 degrees in Nor Cal that morning. I promptly shut up, remembering (partially) why I fled that place.

Here’s how I’m going to solve that First World Problem: Ann Taylor Loft’s Short Sleeved Plaid top. It’s light weight enough for the temp here, and a subtle enough trend to represent the ‘Over 40 Set’.


AT Loft Plaid Top $54

I fall in and out of love with AT Loft, but for inexpensive trends you can typically find good stuff. Particularly when they run one of their frequent ‘40% Off Everything’ sales.

Planning on wearing this  top with dark ‘skinny’ Joe’s Jeans and my flat black ‘Melissa’ Frey boots.

Now let’s hope the weather dips below 70 at some point…


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