Quinoa, Kale, and Scrambled Eggs (it’s what’s for breakfast, and lunch, and…)


I made 3 different versions of eggs this morning: baked, poached, and overdone scrambled (belch),  because apparently there just can not be breakfast consensus between the 3 houligans.

Anywhoosy, Houligan 2 made a boatload, and I mean BOATLOAD of quinoa with sauteed kale last night. The jury is still out for me and quinoa. I know it’s healthy, I know I ‘should’ like it, I just can’t commit (it’s a common theme, trust me).


Further evidence I need a tripod

I mean, who needs 2L of quinoa and kale when we are not yet on great terms???

This is by no means a formal recipe. The kale was chopped rather finely in a cuisinart and then sauteed in olive oil with green onions until softened. The quinoa was prepared according to package directions.

But I’m getting off point. So, after a quick work out this morning H3 was hungry and I talked him into the Q/K sautée with scrambled eggs, cheese and a splash of tapatio. Tapatio makes everything better. Seriously. According to him, it was fab, despite the request for overcooked scrambled eggs. Ugh.

Now onto lunch…

Planning on making a quinoa, kale salad with grilled shrimp and avacodo and a lemon vinaigrette. Stay tuned.


About ktheidtke

A single mother of 4, narrating the everyday.
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