Eiffel Towers and Madeleines


This past weekend we were invited to a “Round the World” birthday party. Such a cute concept, where the party go-ers, complete with luggage, passports and a sense of adventure, embark on an ‘airplane’ to visit such far off destinations as Japan, Egypt, and France.

I was charged with bringing some homemade treats for their lay-over in Paris, France.  I settled on sugar cookies in the shape of La Tour Eiffel (cookie cutter purchased at Sur la Table) and the delicate little butter cookies known as Madeleines.

The sugar cookie recipe is highjacked from Bake@350, which is the most comprehensive blog on decorated cookies. In fact, don’t look, because if you compare what you find here with Bridgid’s you will question my sanity in posting these!

Anywhoosy. Her lovely cookie dough bakes up perfectly, is easy to work with, and is most of all tasty. The hint of almond extract really takes these to the next level.


The dough will be very crumbly and will need additional kneading to hold together.


I’m into doubling batches and this dough freezes beautifully. Cause you never know when you’re going to need cut out cookie dough, stat!

The dough is best when not rolled too thin. Especially as you handle them while decorating.



Before you look at the following picture, here is my disclaimer and warning. I had wine the night before and I can not recommend drinking wine and decorating with a fine tip the next morning. Your results will look like a 2nd grader piped the piping, and that is only insulting to 2nd graders. Drinking and decorating don’t mix!


I’ve attempted decorated cookies many times before, and while I do see improvement, there is still great room for growth. And when will I ever learn to do a dry run before attempting the finished product?

Next time I would use a finer tip, use more glycerin to combat the dullness as the frosting dries, and thin the pooled icing a bit more.

And now onto the lovely Madeleine…


This recipe was culled from 101cookbooks. Who hasn’t looked at this website and fallen in love? The recipe for Madeleine’s posted on her website is easy and just sublime. The use of browned butter, one of my favorite all time flavors, has an elusive je ne sais quoi. You can turn these little beauties out in about 40 minutes. They are airy, buttery, delicate.  All the things you want in a Madeleine.


I wish I’d included photos of the madeleine pans I used. One was the typical elongated shell form, and the other pan was a round shell, and had subtler shell indentations. Dusted with powdered sugar, they were ready to serve.


Voila. C’est si bon!


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