Adventures in Adult Kid Birthdays

Passion Fruit Mimosas

Passion Fruit Mimosas

Because it was my 2nd daughter’s 23rd birthday, and because I exercise bad judgement sometimes, I threw her a big ol’ brunch that featured not 1, but 2, special drinks.

Tequila Sunrises

Tequila Sunrises

We did have some food. A very good deep dish Bacon, Mushroom and Swiss cheese frittata that turned out yummy, as well as a twist on the classic Sour Cream coffee cake, and my very first attempt at Kale salad. I can happily report the kale salad turned out great despite my trepidation with that green.


It was so fun coming up with a menu and reminiscing about our lives 23 years ago when we welcomed this screamer into our lives. Poor girl suffered from colic and hollered for 90 days straight. We were all out of our minds, including her 17 month old sister until the 91st day when she magically stopped crying. Whoo hoo. To this day when I hear that type of cry my blood runs cold.

I wouldn’t redo that time period for all the tea in China, but I also couldn’t imagine my life without her. She is smart, capable, hardworking and lovely. I’m glad we didn’t try and send her back!



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