Book of Mormon


I might be the last person on earth to see the Tony/Emmy award winning satirical musical, “Book of Mormon,” but I finally made it last week as part of my birthday celebration. The best part: I got the tickets at a discount and was able to bypass the evil Ticketmaster!

Since this production came to L.A. I had been on the hunt for reasonably priced tickets, especially since I wanted to bring along the hooligans. Of course all the cheap tickets sold out immediately and I became increasingly frustrated with the price of tickets that were available. It bordered on obsession. Either the tickets were too expensive, or they were unavailable for the dates I wanted. Most of the time the tickets that were available were well over $100 once Ticketmaster tacked on their ridiculous fees which made it too exorbitant for our family. WHAT TO DO???

As we were heading to L.A. for my birthday dinner I hatched a plan. I had read somewhere that the Pantages Box Office opens at 5 p.m. on the day of shows and will sell any remaining tickets for a discounted price. Once I knew this plan was a possibility I became fixated on arriving at the theatre in time to snatch up any remaining tickets. L.A. traffic was NOT co-operative so we arrived closer to 6. I was sure they would be gone. But lo and behold, they had five tickets left. FIVE. And get this: They were $45 apiece. SCOOORRREE!

It was the best birthday ever. Starting with a fun dinner at Stella Barra and then onto the B.O.M.! It would’ve been worth 1K per ticket. Well deserving of the awards it received. It continually shocks me how gifted people are. For 2 hours we were entertained with the most clever story line, song and dance ever created. We laughed the entire time.

Now, be forewarned: This is from the creators of South Park, who are irreverent, sometimes crude, and highly satirical. It is not for the faint of heart. One septagenarian seated in front of my middle schooler, could be heard loudly expressing her displeasure at the content and word choice. And although my youngest is 13, and I cringed a bit over some of the language and subject material, it certainly wasn’t anything he hasn’t heard at Junior High. It gave us ample opportunity to discuss the pros and cons of organized religion, and not just specific to Mormonism.

This magical night made me realize how much I missed the theatre, and I will definitely try to incorporate the L.A. theatre scene into my entertainment life. Especially now that I know about the reduced ticket prices!


A Night at the Pantages


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