Tomato Confit (Classed up Tomato Jam)


For my birthday I was treated to a fab dinner at Stella Barra in L.A., prior to The Book of Mormon. Stella Barra, located in Hollywood is a classed up pizza joint with the most beautiful pizzas. A stunningly close second to Mozza. The pizzas ranged from the classic (Margharita) to the inventive (Butternut Squash). But what was really special was the tomato jam served with the creamiest burrata cheese and toasted sourdough bread.

So even though we are in the dead of winter, and tomatoes aren’t exactly in season, I had to replicate it. It is a hearty accompaniment to cheese, or roasted meats, during the winter months. It is smoky, robust, and delicious.

I used the Food Network’s recipe for Tomato Jam and amended it to our taste, leaving out the cinnamon sticks as I find it overwhelms certain recipes, and just used a sprinkle of it.


This was a hit both at the restaurant and at home!


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