Focaccia Bread/Chicken Focaccia Sandwich

I love, love, love focaccia bread. As a serious carb addict, this ranks right at the top of my favorite breads. Ever since eating my first focaccia and cheese panini in Italy as a young  girl I have been on a quest to taste as many iterations of focaccia as I could get my mitts on.

For many years, Focaccia seemed out of reach. Even in Italian restaurant studded Sonoma County. There was the odd restaurant that would carry it, one particularly good one in Mill Valley. But for the most part it was non-existent, and when I could find it, it would be drier than the Sahara. And, alas, it never occurred to me that I could make it.

That has all changed. As my confidence with yeasted breads has increased, I’ve looked for more recipes with which to experiment. I’ve made Nancy Silverton’s recipe, which was nice, and studied Martha Stewart’s which seemed waaay too labor intensive! And what I stumbled upon outlived all my expectations.

Anne Burrell’s focaccia bread on the Food Network was fantastic! The recipe was simple to follow and lived up to all my Italian bread fantasies! It was crusty on the outside, wonderfully light on the inside, and most of all delicious. I will definitely be making this soon. As soon as I exercise off this last batch!

This last photo is one of the ways I utilized the bread: A fantastic Chicken Focaccia sandwich. Super simple to assemble with any leftover roasted or poached chicken you have on hand. What makes it extra delicious is the pesto mayo that accompanied this. Just mix 1 T. mayo with 1 t. prepared pesto. Enjoy!



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