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Pulled Pork Sandwich with Lurid Yellow Sauce

One of my favorite all time sandwiches, seems to be most everyone else’s, too: The Pulled ‘Insert Your Favorite Meat Here’ Sandwich. I realize it’s probably been done to death, and therefore photographed to death. But I Don’t Care. I … Continue reading

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Pineapple-Jalapeno ‘March Madness’ Margarita

  Two of my worlds collided this weekend: Margaritas and the NCAA Basketball Tournament. I looooooove March Madness beyond the telling. I really do love to watch most sports, but this tourni really takes the cake. I adore the unpredictability, … Continue reading

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Otherwise known as ‘It’s not my Ride’

  This is sort of my mantra right now. After being a decades long people pleaser, enabler, co-dependent, and a million other adjectives that let you know I will get involved in your drama cause I think I have the … Continue reading

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Key Lime Pie. Yum.

  I don’t know what got into me this year, but I became obsessed with St. Paddy’s day. Although we are not one lick Irish, our dog does hail from the Emerald Isle. So just because she can’t eat Pot … Continue reading

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A Wheaten St. Patrick’s Day Hat

I was never one to dress my kids in ridiculous outfits. I was way too practical, and sort of a spoil sport, when it came to that. Halloween drove me so nuts I had to hand off the costuming to … Continue reading

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Thirsty Thirsday

Thursday is my unabashed favorite day of the week. It was crowned my ‘Favorite Day of the Week’ back in college when, unbeknownst to myself, the weekend revelry didn’t start on Friday (how High School), but got a jump start … Continue reading

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Pre-Lenten Melt Down

So this happened: Jelly-Fricken-Doughnuts. I’ve been dying to make home-made jelly doughnuts for years, but my yeast dough intimidation factor was in high-gear, preventing this cooking endeavor. After viewing similar doughnuts online, I decided to go to the gym make these … Continue reading

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