Pre-Lenten Melt Down

So this happened:


Jelly-Fricken-Doughnuts. I’ve been dying to make home-made jelly doughnuts for years, but my yeast dough intimidation factor was in high-gear, preventing this cooking endeavor. After viewing similar doughnuts online, I decided to go to the gym make these little gems.

This is a sweet, yeasted dough that was very simple to make. With just a few risings. There are many good recipes online. They did take about 3 hours to make, from start to finish.



This, turned into this:



Beautiful little golden domes ready to be filled with raspberry jam, and rolled in sugar.




The local donut shop ain’t got nothing on me!IMG_2571


I have to say, not many things that I’ve made over the years can compare to eating one of these doughnuts while still warm. It was bliss.

But not everyone was happy with my morning surprise. Since half my household (actually everyone but me) is on the Paleo diet, I was not very popular when some of the Hooligans woke-up. I, on the other hand reveled in every sugary, crunchy, velvety bite. Particularly since the consumption of all sweets are coming to a screeching halt as of this morning…hello Lent. Good-bye sugar.

IMG_2576The memory will have to suffice for the next 40 days!





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A single mother of 4, narrating the everyday.
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