Thirsty Thirsday

Thursday is my unabashed favorite day of the week. It was crowned my ‘Favorite Day of the Week’ back in college when, unbeknownst to myself, the weekend revelry didn’t start on Friday (how High School), but got a jump start on THURSDAY!!! How novel! One extra day to risk over imbibing and getting a hangover. How adult!

But I’m ancient older now, and Thursdays are still my favorite. Not for the chance to get a jump start on weekend drinking, but it signals the week is winding down. The weekend, with all its endless possibilities, stretches in front of you and there is fun to be had. Or chores. But whatever. The idea that a few hours devoted just to your pursuit of fun is heady stuff.

Let’s celebrate with this little libation:IMG_2527

This was my Oscar drink of choice, minus one ingredient, and is my new fave.

6 oz ‘Pink’ champagne (my fave is Piper Sonoma Brut Rose
1 0z Vodka
A few dashes of Chambord

(To add an extra note of celebration for the Oscars, I rimmed the champagne glasses in edible gold glitter. Very glitzy and glammy!)IMG_2488

Absolute bubbly wonderfulness with a kick! Pour yourself one and let the weekend celebration begin!

What’s your new favorite drink?


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A single mother of 4, narrating the everyday.
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