A Wheaten St. Patrick’s Day Hat

I was never one to dress my kids in ridiculous outfits. I was way too practical, and sort of a spoil sport, when it came to that. Halloween drove me so nuts I had to hand off the costuming to my sister.

So now, with the Dirty Dawg, I have lost my damn mind. It’s started out slowly, with special collars, nothing to be concerned about. But today I found myself googling Party City stores so I could go check out their Irish garb for my precious. They had 20 different things to choose from and I found myself clutching a Leprechaun outfit, for $9.99. While I was contemplating which ridiculous outfit to buy, I found myself deep in conversation with a woman over the benefits of different St. Patrick’s day doggie items. She was just satisfied with bows for her poor dog.

Not me, I was going for it…but then I came to my senses and escaped with only a silly .99c hat that Mamie was non-too-pleased with, but she did allow me to snap this:

IMG_2779What are the chances that the kids will let me mend my ways and start dressing them up at this point? Good? Slim? Probably, poor. Boo.


About ktheidtke

A single mother of 4, narrating the everyday.
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