Aussie Brekkie Sandwich


Bear with with me. I keep having Post Traumatic Food Flashbacks to our trip to Oz at the holidays. I’ve been trying to recall the wonderful simple good we had there and re-make it at home

One of these recipes was a breakfast sandwich we had a darling little beach side cafe at Freshie (or, Freshwater). My daughter had had this delicious morning treat a few years ago when she lived there for a short time and wanted another. I could see why!

This breakfast roll, as it was called, was comprised of a soft roll (I substituted one of my homemade hamburger rolls), smeared with marinara sauce, topped with some proscuitto (I subbed bacon), a slice of mozzarella and finished it with an egg over medium (as you can see, mine was over easy. Boo.)

It was quite delish stateside, and so evocative of the best simple food Australia had to offer.



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A single mother of 4, narrating the everyday.
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