4th of July. No Children. Boo.



1/20 of my 4th of July Decor

I don’t just love 4th of July. I’m crazy for it. I found out I’m less crazy about Independence Day (or any other holiday, for that matter) without the Houligans. After the divorce, we all worked hard to create different, meaningful traditions and new memories. This 4th was an indication that we are moving into a new phase that has little to do with the repercussions of a divorce, and more to do with adult children and their plans. Three out of the four skipped So Cal for various other parts of the world: Bolivian Salt Flats (???), Belfast, Ireland, and Nor Cal. The one who did stick around was M.I.A for most of the day. So it was just me, a few friends, and the Dirty Dawg.

On a typical 4th of July we join the neighborhood morning parade, we tie-dye shirts in red, white and blue, we put on a huge lunch at the beach for all our friends, we attend an annual bar-b-que. At the end of the evening we watch the fireworks from T-Street as they cascade down the coast from Corona del Mar to Dana Point to San Juan Capistrano with a grand finale off the San Clemente pier.

This year it was me. Me, Myself, and I. I expected to feel overwhelming melancholy, and guess what? I was actually happy with a slower pace, responsible for only getting myself to the beach and to the bar-b-que. It was somewhat refreshing not attempting to ‘herd cats’ down to watch the pyrotechnics. Do I want this every year? Absolutely not. But I understand I’m in the middle of a process. With only one Houligan left at home, this active parenting thing will be coming to a sort of end.  Soon. Despite wanting to relish every second with them, I’m also discovering I’m going to be fine if every holiday isn’t a Norman Rockwell painting.

So I happily entertained myself with Wimbledon, the World Cup, dressing up/harassing the Dirty Dawg, baking, and visiting with friends.

I can do this thing!


Hers Loves the Bow

This is what happens to the Dirty Dawg when the kids aren’t around. Poor girl.


But I did let her sit on the couch to watch the Women’s Wimbledon Final, so I’m not a total shrew. However, no croissants were allowed!


I felt the need to jump on the Ina Garten Flag Cake Fray. It truly was so pretty and


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