Campfire Nachos

Hawaiian Inspired Campfire Nachos

Hawaiian Inspired Campfire Nachos

I adore nachos. I love trying to get the exact ratio of cheese, to topping, to chip perfect so that every bite is a constant delight! On our recent trip to Yosemite each family was responsible for either an appetizer, a side, or the main course each night. Which made it so fun and collaborative, especially with my foody friends who had put a lot of time and effort into their nightly contribution. We dined on Spicy Chicken Sausage spaghetti (with plenty of Chianti!), delicious vegetarian spaghetti, and Hawaiian Chicken and Aloha rice (along side passion fruit infused mai tais).

Since I was assigned the night with the Hawaiian Chicken, I wanted to keep with the theme. I settled on Hawaiian inspired nachos. After heavily layering two layers of chips with cheese atop refried beans, I set the pan over the campfire to melt the cheese and warm up the beans, covering the pan with tin foil. After the beans were warmed through and the cheese was bubbling and melted, I added jalapeños, peppercinis, diced pineapple, sour cream, and olives. I finished the whole thing off by drizzling sweet chili sauce and a concoction of mirin infused bar-b-que sauce. These two condiments definitely added the Hawaiian flavor I was looking for. They were so yummy!!!

Nachos were the perfect portable appetizer for camping. Most items were in sealed packages and cans so they kept well. I used pre-shredded cheese, an item I usually shy away from, and sour cream that kept well in the cooler. The campfire was the ideal cooking method and I used a heavy duty proof pan that would withstand the heat and not buckle under the weight of all the toppings. As I mentioned, I tented the pan with aluminum foil, careful not to touch the cheese.

On a side note, I made plain cheese nachos for the 14 children that were running amok as I was sure they wouldn’t care for the ‘adult nachos.’ How wrong I was. We were beating them off with sticks in order to get to them. So funny! Little foodies in training…


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