I’m Baaaack


For all 2 of you who noticed, there’s been a bit of a lapse between now, and the last time I posted. To say life has gotten in the way of anything I find remotely fun, would be an understatement. So, I’m taking back my life and what I love to do and that’s write, and document pretty things, and vent (sometimes), and travel, and cook, and overshare about what it’s like to be single and raising parenting adult children, or almost adult children. My God, you can’t even call it parenting. More like glorified consulting, if they’ll let you. Anyone else find the navigation of how to interact with adult children a foray into the dangerous world of ‘Don’t Say Anything Wrong.’ Ever.Ugh. That’s a full time job right there. But I digress…Are you down?

I am at the tail end of another semester of grueling grad school. Having forged back into the world of post graduate academia, I have been greatly humbled by this experience. I’d been playing with the idea of returning to school after my 4th layoff in sales. As I was (am) nearing my 50s, with zero retirement, I began to feel the need to change things up and create a financial future that would offer me security. I was having a harder and harder time imagining a world where I was a 72 year old sales rep looking for another job after yet another layoff. After much soul searching, I settled on something that was interesting to me and would offer the promise of a securer future.

In the last year and half I’ve nearly lost my mind 1,000 times. Please refer to the above picture for an accurate portrayal of this time period. The word ‘crazed’ comes to mind. This is not an endeavor for the faint of heart. It’s a good thing that my impulsivity got in the way of a saner mind, because if I’d truly known what it was going to be like, I would have never had the courage to embark on this. This is definitely one time that ‘ignorance is bliss,’ was a wonderful game plan. Returning to school has required student loans, working several jobs, doing homework alongside my 11th grader, and totally buying into the idea of delayed gratification. Never my strong suit. But as I chip away, I can see the promise of a future where stability replaces instability, something I very much crave. Thank goodness my b.f.f., Kat embarked on a similar path right before I did, and has been a source of encouragement, along with many other friends, as it is taking a village right now to pull this off! Sometimes we laugh as we picture our future selves only doing one job at a time. A time where a weekend is really a weekend without churning out paper after paper. What a breeze it will be. LOL.

But my main reason for re-embarking on this blog is to share a sort of hope for other women my age who are considering what their futures are going to look like, particularly if you’ve gone through, or going through, divorce. It is so important to shore up your financial future and explore what is going to make you happy, and self-supporting, in the long run. This is more of an issue for women who perhaps took time off to raise children, or who were underemployed during child rearing years, and it’s taking a little bit of imagination to get yourself back on track. I’m here to tell you, ‘you can do it!’


About ktheidtke

A single mother of 4, narrating the everyday.
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