A Blingy Tinsel Tree


This Christmas, I couldn’t pull it together to pre-order my Silver Tip Charlie Brown Christmas tree. Coupled with a hectic schedule, and the fact that three of the houligans would be with their dad for Christmas, and the other one is in Europe (more on that later…), caused me to re-think my approach to decorating for the holidays. The other issue I’ve repeatedly faced living in sunny So Cal (I know there is little sympathy for me from my friends enduring real weather), is that every tree is basically kindling by the time it arrives and the warm winter weather does nothing to help preserve it. By the time the 26th rolls around, bad morning breath would catch the tree on fire.

In my fantasy Christmas world, a handmade white goose feather tree from Dennis Bauer, featured in a Martha Stewart magazine years ago, would appear. However, due to price and availability, mainly price (**ahem**, $800-ish), that was not to be. So, I began a mad dash around town to find a white 36″ Christmas tree. NOT TO BE HAD. I looked high and low. The internet was out, as it wouldn’t arrive in time, the Michael’s staff laughed in my face, and everywhere else was sold out. Now, I am not a huge fan of Tuesday Mornings, but on a whim I went in there and lo and behold, there was this confection. At $39.99 with 25% it was sold and on its way home.

Since I love blue and pink, silver and gold, I (or rather Houligan 4) raffled through our Christmas boxes and culled together the palette I’d envisioned. Minor screw up number one: I was so happy to find battery operated lights, I failed to suss out white ones, so I just trailed the green coated ones down the center. It lacks the plethora of lights I usually love, but it’ll do. Mistake number two: I assembled this tree on my kitchen table moving it to the coffee table after assembly and prompted dumped the entire thing over. Fortunately, I only lost a few ornaments, but my fave pink chinoiserie ornament that I ordered off Etsy survived my stupidity.


I’m so glad I went to the effort of putting a tree up. I am rarely without my kids on Christmas and I really love putting up a tree. In fact, there is only one year, when we went abroad for Christmas that I haven’t put up one. But this year, I truly contemplated not going to the trouble. And then I remembered that I love a tree. Even though the kids wouldn’t be around to enjoy it, I enjoy it. It is important, during the holidays, to hang onto the things that make you happy. Particularly when you might be separated from your children. Traditions that you used to enjoy as a family, are different. But the thing to remember is that you get to invent your very own holiday now. You get to keep the things that you liked doing and let go of the things you don’t. Do I miss my kids on Christmas morning? Of course I do. But it is good for them to be with their dad and his side of the family from time to time.

So, this morning I got to enjoy one my favorite things, sipping coffee by my darling, joyful Christmas tree. Frohe Weihnachten!



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A single mother of 4, narrating the everyday.
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