So. Over. Pumpkin Bread.

***Please excuse the wonky pic. This cake is moist! And little Miss Impatient cut into it waaay too soon***

There. I said it. Pumpkin bread has a very short shelf life for me. And once we blew through Thanksgiving, I was happy to put that ‘bread’ in my rear view mirror. I don’t know what it is, maybe its  lack of distinct flavor, that sours it for me..

But gingerbread, on the other hand? Now we’re talking. And this recipe,adapted from Laura De Masco’s recipe printed in the New York Times is the best! And the greatest part? It has a SECRET INGREDIENT! Cocoa powder! This quick bread comes together easily. The only alteration I made was throwing in a teaspoon of powdered ginger as I wasn’t sure the real ginger was going to be enough of a flavor punch. There isn’t enough cocoa powder to compete with the ginger flavor, but just enough to enhance the overall effect. I also didn’t have stout on hand, so I substituted water. The recipe also called for coffee, which was a surprise. The end result was so good, but I do look forward to making it again with the stout.

This little bread puts Starbucks version to shame!  Coupled with a slightly lemony cream cheese frosting, it  was perfect. Extra bonus? It freezes beautifully, thank goodness as I was doing my best to power through it the first night. For now, it sits in the back of the freezer, behind the black frozen bananas, where no one ever, ever looks just waiting to provide a taste of Christmas whenever I need it!


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