A Bestie Came to Town


Please excuse the quality of the photo. It was taken at night, in the garage (after a glass, or 3 ,of wine), as we listened to The Boss on E Street radio on XM Sirius radio sing “Glory Days.” It takes us back. By at least 35 years. Officially, we met the first day of freshman orientation at Ursuline High School. She was dressed like a female version of Jeff Spicoli, complete with a hip top, cool shorts, and most importantly – checkered Vans. She was the very epitome of cool. I was dressed like a 14 year old D-O-R-K. My family had traveled to Europe the previous Summer, and my mom had bought me a hot pink pin striped dress with a Peter Pan color. Coupled with some nude open toed ‘heels,’ this 5’9″ schlumpy freshmen wasn’t fitting in anywhere but maybe a Junior League meeting. She said ‘hi,’ and we’ve never looked back.

To say that I feel that the gods smiled on me, hard, when we met, is an understatement. We’ve been through it all. Bad hair, bad days, births, deaths, divorces… great sorrows and greater loves. We’ve watched our children be born, grow up, and leave the nest. We most recently embarked on grad school together (separate programs, but similar timing) and I’ve watched her grow in a way I didn’t know she was capable, and I’m sure she feels the same. We’ve been each others mirrors, and greatest cheerleaders. To say she is the wind beneath my wings, would be inadequate. She has been the tornado beneath my wings, keeping me buoyed when I did not think I could remain afloat. She is fun and faith, light and love, and I adore her.

And she came to visit this weekend! We did nothing but watch the first two seasons of  BBC’s ‘Catastrophe’ on Amazon, sip chardonnay, and cook. We over analyzed our children, our parents, and ourselves. And although it’s never enough time,  when she did leave, all was right with my world again and I could go on until our next rendezvous. I may not have been blessed with the best mate, but I have been beyond blessed in the friend department. It’s as close to ‘cradle to grave’ as I can get, I am so grateful.


About ktheidtke

A single mother of 4, narrating the everyday.
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