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The Holidays are OVER! WHOOT WHOOT! (Who’s with me?)

When you are happy the holidays are over and you’re still kicking…
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Banana Muffins, Post-Carb Break-Up

  I am full-swing into a carb break-up. I’d seen the signs that the break-up was coming: Bloating, Weight-Gain, Lack of Energy, etc. Now, I’m no Dietician, and I truly don’t know if all these factors were carb related; however, … Continue reading

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Otherwise known as ‘It’s not my Ride’

  This is sort of my mantra right now. After being a decades long people pleaser, enabler, co-dependent, and a million other adjectives that let you know I will get involved in your drama cause I think I have the … Continue reading

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Key Lime Pie. Yum.

  I don’t know what got into me this year, but I became obsessed with St. Paddy’s day. Although we are not one lick Irish, our dog does hail from the Emerald Isle. So just because she can’t eat Pot … Continue reading

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A Wheaten St. Patrick’s Day Hat

I was never one to dress my kids in ridiculous outfits. I was way too practical, and sort of a spoil sport, when it came to that. Halloween drove me so nuts I had to hand off the costuming to … Continue reading

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Dirty Dawg and Poppi Share a Glass of Wine

Poppi has come for a visit. Jim lives in Nor Cal and he’s here for an extended stay. He isn’t a dog person. I come from a long line of cat people. Tempermental cats, at best. Their latest is Higgins. … Continue reading

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A Dirty Dawg Birthday

The DD celebrated her 1st birthday awhile back, but since it was amid two actual children’s birthdays and one graduation, it got shuffled to the back; however, we did manage celebrate with a peanut butter flavored cupcake and a birthday … Continue reading

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