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A Bestie Came to Town

Please excuse the quality of the photo. It was taken at night, in the garage (after a glass, or 3 ,of wine), as we listened to The Boss on E Street radio on XM Sirius radio sing “Glory Days.” It … Continue reading

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From the Food Rejection Files

My youngest houligan is 16. And he is a jackass, a DELIGHT (!) when it comes to cooking for him. The meal dictatorship I was running when my older three were at home is now clearly defunct. They all knew early … Continue reading

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On Saturday, We Marched

12,689 steps of marching to be exact. But who’s counting? On Saturday, I marched with 2 of the houligans and some of their friends in the the Los Angeles Women’s March. We marched to support every Human Rights issue known … Continue reading

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Comfort Food: Pasta 101

Who is need of comfort food right now??? I am. That’s who! I’m in a fight with myself. I’m trying to drop lbs., and working my butt off (hopefully, literally) doing pilates and walking. However, the winter weather and current … Continue reading

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When Sometimes You are Left Out of the Family You Created(Sad Emoji)

As I’ve stated before, due to special circumstances (read: substances) associated with my divorce, I was granted full custody of my 4 children when my marriage crashed and burned dissolved many years ago. Due to the nature of why I was able … Continue reading

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One Kid at a Time

  Sitting here, reflecting on my weekend over a cup of coffee in the Harrods cup my daughter brought back from her holiday sojourn to the continent. I’m not a huge collector, but the girls have gotten into a cute … Continue reading

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Vinegar Chicken Thighs

It’s been ‘chilly’ and ‘rainy’ down here in our usually sunny So Cal. Again, I won’t share the temps or rainfall totals* for fear of retaliation from my more weather challenged friends, but dang it, I’ve been cold. Cold and … Continue reading

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